When is move-in day?

Please call our office for move in and move out dates.

How long is the lease?

Our leases are generally 12 months! We have a limited number of 6 month and 10 month leases available, with just a $100 off-season premium added!

Do you offer short term leases?

The shortest lease term we can offer is 6 months, however we offer our residents the option to re-assign their lease if they need to leave Seminole Grand any earlier than their lease end date.

Can non-students live here?

Yes. Anyone who applies to live at Seminole Grand Apartments and completes the approval/screening process can rent a room here.

Can I have a pet?

Yes! Seminole Grand is pet-friendly, and we can accept most pets.

I don’t have any roommates, can you still find me an apartment?

Yes! We have a wonderful roommate-matching process that allows us to match you with roommates based upon your common interests and characteristics!

Does Seminole Grand have security?

We have a fantastic 24-hour manned front gate and we also have roaming courtesy officers!

Is Seminole Grand close to FSU/FAMU/TCC?

Our community is located just 6 minutes, or 2.3 miles from Florida State University! We are also very convenient to Florida A&M University at 3.8 miles and only 13 minutes away! Tallahassee Community College is also just 3.5 miles and only 8 minutes away!

What is a guarantor? Do I need to provide one before I can move-in?

A guarantor is someone over the age of 27 that makes at least three times the monthly rent and has no items in collections. Similar to a financial co-signer, they are equally responsible for the lease agreement and will be for the duration of the lease. At Seminole Grand we offer residents the option of providing a guarantor or a security deposit equal to $1,000. In order to move-in, each resident must provide either an approved guarantor or a security deposit.

What is an RV Index?

The RV Index is a risk score based on a number of factors is an innovative move in qualifying criteria. This index will be used to screen and qualify applicants and guarantors.  By using this inclusive index opposed to our prior practice, we take a step toward future industry standards of fair practice. Depending on your property, an RV index of 40 or 50 will need to be achieved.  Instead of just credit score and income, the index takes a look at a number of factors such as:
1. Payment history on all trade lines
2. Ratio of rent to income
3. Ratio of debt to income
4. Collections
5. Ratio of positive to negative credit lines